Commit c940186b authored by Claudemir Todo Bom's avatar Claudemir Todo Bom

* call correct method to wrap message on junkreport mail

parent 9dae7aa1
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......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ class JunkReport:
def addParagraph(self, text):
self.htmlText = self.htmlText + (u"<p>%s</p>"%(cgi.escape(text)))
self.plainText = self.plainText + (u"%s\n\n"%(self.wrapper(text)))
self.plainText = self.plainText + (u"%s\n\n"%(self.wrapper.fill(text=text)))
def addHtmlTemplate(self, content, clean=None):
self.htmlText = self.htmlText + (content%self.tmpl)
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